Aziz Ahmad Jamali (CEO)

Aziz Ahmad Jamali is the Chief Executive Officer of PPHI-Balochistan.

“Only A Life Lived for Others Is a Life Worthwhile” The purpose of life is not only to be happy but It is also to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate and to make some difference. Today we are throwing light on the life of a hero who never hesitated to help his people instead feels honored and happy, a man who has served his nation time to time with his utmost hard work. This hero is none other than Mr. Aziz Ahmad Jamali (Bureaucrat).Mr. Aziz was born in 1978 and belongs to the fertile soil of Jaffarabad. He has done his Masters in Sociology from Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad.

Mr. Aziz Jamali is highly motivated to bring positive change and reform the society. Mr Aziz Jamali services and initiatives are enormous. However some of his achievements include Plantation of 10,000 Trees in Awaran and 70,000Trees in Sibbi. After severe earth quick in Awaran, Mr. Aziz Jamali initiated rehabilitation project in Awaran, which was later nominated for The World Habitant Award. Mr.Aziz has promoted boy scouts on every step and travelled with them for good cause, he also promoted education and maximized the quantity and quality of education and always tried to distinguish the male female differences in education field. He struggled to provide each gender their full right to education.

Mr. Aziz’s ideal personalities are Mr. Abdul Sattar Eidhi and Nelson Mandela. They served nations till death.

Muhammad Rafiq Raisani(COO)

Muhammad Rafiq Raisani is the Chief Operating Officer/ Company Secretary of PPHI-Balochistan.

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Dr. Mukhtar Zehri (PHS)

Dr Mukhtar Zehri is the Public Health Specialist of PPHI-Balochistan.

Dr. Zehri has an MBBS and Masters Degree in Primary Health Care Management (M.P.H.M) Thailand. He has served in the capacity of various positions during his professional career. He has developed training courses and conducted in-service trainings; supervised health facilities, district health programs and worked in collaboration with District Government, Nonprofit Organizations and the Donor Community. He has contributed as the member of Task Force on PHC and District Health Care System Management, Strengthening Programs and M&E. He has also worked as Executive District Officer Health, Khuzdar.

Dr. Mukhtar served as a faculty member on Primary Health Care and master trainer on, epidemics, disaster management and Gender at the Institute of Public Health, Quetta. He has developed training courses for District Health Managers on Health Care System.

At present, he is working with PPHI-Balochistan as PUBLIC HEALTH SPECIALIST for Primary Health Care, project evaluation, assessment and baseline studies anddevelopment of assessment tools for data collection, training and management of teams for field activities. His other responsibilities include report writing and dissemination of finding to clients & concerned quarters, besides supporting the team in developing the quantitative & qualitative data collection tools, management & analysis plan for report writing since July 2011.