Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services, such as health assessments or consultations, over the telecommunications infrastructure. It allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using common technology, such as video conferencing and smartphones, without the need for an in-person visit.

Primary Healthcare System in Balochistan is affected by deficiency of general and specialist healthcare providers. Taking advantage of the modern technology, PPHI Balochistan had initiated telemedicine at two BHUs in Quetta and Gwadar with collaboration of COMSATS.

Based on the success PPHI-Balochistan extended Telehealth initiative with an aim to provide quality healthcare services to the underserved in the province. In line with the vision of Government of Balochistan, PPHI-Balochistan in collaboration and with technical expertise of COMSATS Internet Services Islamabad introduced Telehealth services at 04 Sites.

Telehealth offers effective tools for delivering healthcare services, and provides an opportunity to expand the reach and quality of primary healthcare. Offering specialist gynecology, pediatric and dermatology services.

To improve primary healthcare services PPHI Balochistan in coordination and support of COMSATS Internet Services started 04 telehealth facilities in the following areas on 14th July 2020.

  • Washuk Town District Washuk
  • Nasarabad District Dukki
  • Gandkha District Jaffarabad
  • Kirdagap District Mastung

PPHI-B Telehealth Clinics performance report