Family planning helps save lives of women and children. It preserves their health by preventing untimely and unwanted pregnancies, reducing women's exposure to the health risks of childbirth and abortion, who are often the sole caregivers, having more time to care for their children and themselves.

All couples and individuals have the right to decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children and to have access to the information, education and means to do so. PPHI Balochistan follows standard guidelines to satisfy the client.


  • The needs of clients are assessed.
  • An appropriate range of methods is provided.
  • Complete and accurate information about all methods is offered.
  • A mix of methods matches the needs of all potential clients.
  • Providers have the necessary technical skills to offer the methods safely.
  • Providers are trained in technically accurate and culturally appropriate counseling techniques and use them effectively.
  • Services are convenient, accessible and acceptable to clients.
  • Follow-up care to ensure continuity of services is provided.
  • An adequate logistics system ensures a continuity of supplies.

Benefits of Healthy Birth Spacing

  • Baby can be born at the right time and have a healthy weight.
  • Baby can develop well because mother can give lots of attention to the baby.
  • Mother will have more energy and be less”stressedout”.
  • Mother will have more time to bond with the baby.
  • Future babies will be healthier because Mother’s body had enough time to replace nutrient stores before getting pregnant again.
  • Children who are adequately spaced are better prepared to begin kindergarten and perform better in school.
  • Mother has more time to spend with the child and the child receives more attention and assistance with developmental tasks.
  • Families have more time to bond with each child.
  • Parents have more time for each other.
  • Parents can have time to themselves.
  • Families can have less financial stress.
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